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"From Staff Being A Leader"

  DBnews/Banjarmasin (17/12) "From Staff to Being a Leader" is an event theme that is very inspiring and useful for optimizing the...


DBnews/Banjarmasin (17/12) "From Staff to Being a Leader" is an event theme that is very inspiring and useful for optimizing the performance of Regional Health Office Banjarmasin employees. The event is packaged such as a workshop led by Dr. Machli Riyadi, S.H., M.H. This was attended by all staff, both ASN and Non ASN, Regional Health Office Banjarmasin at the Rodhita Hotel Banjarmasin on Friday, December 17, 2020, opened by Dr. Machli Riyadi, S.H., M.H, dr. Dwi Atmi as the secretary of the Regional Health Office Banjarmasin and the Head of Subdivision of Personnel Robert A. who also explained the rights and obligations of employees within Regional Health Office Banjarmasin.

Performance of leaders and health workers is a very important issue in order to maintain and improve health development. In the health sector, one of the structural leaders in local governance is the Head of Health Service itself, which is authorized to run the Health Office work unit as an institution engaged in the health service sector. The existence and role of the head of the Health Office is very important and influences the implementation of the objectives of the agency. The Head of the Health Service must be able to realize changes in his environment, build effective communication and networks, be able to influence people, accept diversity, have commitment, exemplary, discipline, work leadership, optimism, loving actions, and consistency that have a positive impact. Ideally, the Head of the Health Service has competence in the field of health science so that he is able to bring change for the better with a slogan that was also created by Dr. Machli Riyadi, S.H., M.H. himself, the Winners.

    He explained the need for integrity which must be embedded in Regional Health Office Banjarmasin employees, in The Winners there is integrity where a concept is related to consistency in actions - actions, values, methods, measurements, principles, expectations and the various things that result, then integrity means having an honest person and having a strong character.

    Leadership is absolutely necessary where there is a collaborative interaction between two or more people in carrying out activities in an organization. Leadership determines direction and goals and guidance in carrying out work. A leadership style that is in accordance with the wishes of employees will make employees feel comfortable at work and employees will be more enthusiastic when working. Employee morale can support the achievement of agency goals and objectives because morale can encourage employees to work harder and better. The superior's leadership style has an important role in improving employee work discipline in carrying out their daily duties. The ability and leadership skills to direct is an important factor in leadership effectiveness. In leadership style, an important factor of leadership cannot be separated from its personality which has been influenced by the environment or education and social culture.

Superior leadership style is defined as the ability that a person has to influence others to work to achieve certain goals and objectives. Work discipline is closely related to work motivation so that higher work discipline shows high work motivation. The Constitution of the World Health Organization (WHO, 1948), Article 28H1 of the 1945 Constitution and Law Number 36 of 2009 concerning Health affirm that health is a fundamental right of every citizen2. Therefore every individual, family and community has the right to receive protection for their health and the state is responsible for regulating the fulfillment of the right to healthy life for its inhabitants. To realize these public health rights, a competent and professional leadership in the health sector is needed so that the programs to be implemented can reach the targets according to the needs of the community.

There are five levels of leadership in the leadership model described by Jim Collins, with the 5th level of leadership being the highest:
a. Level 1: Competent individuals, build high work productivity through knowledge, skills, talents, and high work motivation;
b. Level 2: Able to cooperate with others in a working group, and able to contribute positively to mutual progress;
c. Level 3: Competent managers, able to lead a team, define goals clearly, and able to mobilize people and other resources to achieve these goals well;
d. Level 4: An effective leader, able to build a good and clear future vision, able to build human commitment he leads and apply a high standard of performance;

In this workshop a message was conveyed to all employees of Regional Health Office, Do not be afraid to dream of becoming a leader, leader, dreamer and guts.

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