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The Importances of Re-Accreditation FKTP to Build a SMART HEALTH SERVICE to Stakeholders in Puskesmas Cempaka Banjarmasin

DBnewsphoto/ Enni Rizqa Banjarmasin - (7/11) Ministry of Health through the first level health facility accredtitation commission surv...

DBnewsphoto/ Enni Rizqa

Banjarmasin - (7/11) Ministry of Health through the first level health facility accredtitation commission surveyor team, The Directorate General of Health services conducts an assesment of Puskesmas Cempaka Banjarmasin city.

This accreditation are fulfillment of basic health standards as well as an advanced levels in the city of Banjarmasin itself, due to ensurement of the expert process and results of re-accreditation are going well, support from whole team of Puskesmas Cempaka and also Regional of Health Office Banjarmasin are very needed. Dr. Machli Riyadi as a Head of Department of Regional Office Banjarmasin city also coming directly to support whole team before the presentation to the surveryor team in Puskesmas Cempaka. 

The main of manifestation of accreditation is how to serve kindly as well as conduct the prevention and rapid treatment for people who need health services especially in Banjarmasin city. According to Dr. Machli Riyadi book, Hukum Kesehatan Kontemporer that health service is one of efforts that can be done to improve the degree of health, both individuals as well as groups or whole community. The goal is to obtain a good degree of health and a good quality of life. According to Lavey and loomba, the aim is to get level health service is every effort either carried out individually or jointly in an organization to improve and maintain the health whether for individuals, groups or communities.

Minister of Health Regulation (Permenkes) Number 4 of 2019 concerning Technical Standards for Fulfillment of Basic Service Quality in the Minimum Service Standards for Health Sector is motivated to implement the provisions of Article 6 paragraph (6) Government Regulation Number 2 of 2018 concerning Minimum Service Standards, it is necessary to stipulate Minister of Health Regulations concerning Technical Standards for Fulfillment of Basic Service Quality in Minimum Service Standards in the Health Sector.

What is the purpose of Accreditation ?
-Improving the quality of service and patient safety in first-level health facilities (FKTP) through the application of FKTP accreditation standards.

-Increasing knowledge and understanding of participants of the 2019 FKTP Accreditation National Seminar and Workshop on FKTP accreditation standards.

-Improving the ability of FKTP accreditation surveyors to carry out their duties and functions in the FKTP accreditation survey.

-Improving the ability of counterparts in assisting the preparation of accreditation
Establish communication and networking between surveyors and FKTP accreditation companions throughout Indonesia.

Surveyor Team & Structural Officials Government Agencies of Banjarmasin

Front Office of Puskesmas Cempaka Banjarmasin

Waiting Room of Puskesmas Cempaka Banjarmasin

Blood Pressure Test Section of Puskesmas Cempaka Banjarmasin

Doctor Room of Puskesmas Cempaka Banjarmasin

In this activity directly attended by Surveyor Team those are dr. Soenoe Joewana, MMR as a chief of Surveyor from Sleman, dr. Darnis, MM from Bekasi, dr. Sri Budi Utami, SKM from Yogyakarta.
The excellent program of Puskesmas Cempaka is having cooperation into Elementary School of Muhammadiyah 8-10 by making a program in school health unit.
drg. Emma as a chief of Puskesmas Cempaka explained that this is like a CSR of Muhammadiyah Elementary School that is cooperation into goverment service, but those are facility belongs to the private school.

Dentist room in Muhammadiyah Elementary School 8-10 of Banjarmasin

School Health Unit in Muhammadiyah 8-10 Elementary School Banjarmasin

As we can see that Puskesmas Cempaka Banjarmasin has been got excellent prize based on the smartest location in Banjarmasin, near to the mosque, school, office, city park, and hotels. The excellent program also confirmed that Puskesmas Cempaka is having well nearby stakeholders.
in future we believe that Puskesmas Cempaka Banjarmasin will get strengthen public trust in Puskesmas service of Banjarmasin city.
DBnews2019/ Enni Rizqa