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HKN 55 : Pregnant Mother Class and Toddler Mother Class in Regional Health Office Banjarmasin

Banjarmasin - (12/11) Another HKN 55 series, Regional Health Office of Banjarmasin has just held a Pregnant Mother Class and Toddler ...

Banjarmasin - (12/11) Another HKN 55 series, Regional Health Office of Banjarmasin has just held a Pregnant Mother Class and Toddler Mother Class companied into Province Health Office of South Borneo. The 55th Momentum of Health Day is a public reminder that the highest degree of public health will be realized, if all components of the nation, society, community organizations, the private sector participate in health efforts, by prioritizing promotive-preventive and increasingly promoting and institutionalizing the Movement Healthy Living Community (GERMAS), without neglecting curative-rehabilitative.
"this workshop aim to Pregnant Mother and Toddler Mother in Banjarmasin to add knowledge about how to take care and solve the kids and away from cases such as Stunting case" he adds.
A healthy human resources will bring excellence to the nation. Due to HKN has been moving from year to year, into a series of activities not only owned by the Ministry of Health, but also by local governments, relevant Ministries / Institutions, community organizations, academics, and even the private sector. In this workshop attended by pregnan mother and toddler mother from Banjarmasin.

Participants of Workshop Wearing Sehat Milik Kita Tshirt Gift from the workshop (DBnewsphoto)

Regional Health Office Banjarmasin collaborated Province Health Office South Borneo works together (DBnewsphoto)

This workshop is just held right after Ceremonial of HKN 55 in Regional Health Office Banjarmasin, 9 AM Center Indonesia Time, according to Dr. Machli Riyadi orders in this morning ceremony, The Health Development Strategy is built through three pilars, namely a healthy paradigm, strengthening access to health services and providing funding through national health insurance, through the Healthy Life Movement (GERMAS) program, and the JKN program, also with all health components, both cross-program and cross-sector, with various challanges and obstacles have succesfully resolved several health problems to realize healthy human resources. This shows that with our joint work we have succeeded in preparing for a Healthy Generation fro Indonesia in 2045. 

Healthy Generation that is work together can become a superior human resources that will fill 100 years of Indonesia's Independence when demographic bonus will lead Indonesia to become a developed, prosperous and prosperous country in future. 

DBnews2019 / Enni Rizqa