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    Happiness of one of The Winners Family Member (DBnewsphoto courtesy) Banjarmasin - (11/11) In the framework of HKN 55, Regional H...

   Happiness of one of The Winners Family Member (DBnewsphoto courtesy)

Banjarmasin - (11/11) In the framework of HKN 55, Regional Health Office Banjarmasin has just held a Long Walk of Healthy Lifestlyle in Togetherness Generasi Sehat Indonesia Unggul that was started on 7 AM Banjarmasin time, welcome by Mayor of Banjarmasin IBNU SINA and DR. Machli Riyadi as a chief of Regional Health Office Banjarmasin. According to his report to Mayor IBNU SINA, 

"The peak of HKN 55 is coming soon right on November 12, 2019 will be held on Golden Tulip Galaxy Banjarmasin city strung together into Character Building workshop that will be delivered by dr. Gamal Albinsaid, hopefully by this workshop can add knowledge of human resources of Health Office Regional Banjarmasin The Winners organizations."

As we know according to, the history of the birth of the National Health Day which is commemorated every November 12, begins with efforts to eradicate Malaria in Indonesia. In the era of the 50's, Malaria was endemic in Indonesia. This disease affects almost all people in the entire country. There are hundreds of thousands of people killed by the Malaria outbreak. A result of many casualties, the government then immediately took action by making various efforts to eradicate Malaria. Efforts to eradicate Malaria began precisely in 1959 with the establishment of the Malaria Eradication Service by the government. Four years later, in 1963, the name was changed to the Operation Command to Eradicate Malaria, which was abbreviated as KOPEM. The eradication effort was carried out by the government with the assistance of the World Health Organization WHO and USAID. With the efforts to eradicate Malaria, the government hopes that Malaria can be completely eradicated. The form of efforts to eradicate Malaria itself is carried out using DDT type drugs. The spraying of this drug is carried out en masse to homes of residents on the islands of Java, Bali and Lampung. President Sukarno who served as President of the Republic of Indonesia at the time, carried out the first spray symbolically on November 12, 1959, located in the village of Kalasan, Yogyakarta. This date is then designated as National Health Day (HKN) to be commemorated annually.

We should keep in mind that every relation claims to respect and trust. Personal boudaries protect our identity as well as our partners. But whatever may be, the ultimate passion inside us that accomplish us and enlighten our mind with feel-good kind of feelings. The purpose of human life is to love and share a peaceful bonding with other through mutual understanding. 
When we use happiness as our ultimate goal to measure human progress and it will be make sense when everything begins.
Puskesmas team make over on Green Walk Health Office Regional Banjarmasin (DBnewsphoto courtesy)

In suite of HKN 55, Regional Health Office Banjarmasin also holding onto blood donor that was colaborated with Indonesian Red Cross that was held in the laboratory of Regional Health Office Banjarmasin itself Jl. Pramuka, Tirta Dharma, Banjarmasin. A blood donation occurs when a person voluntarily has blood drawn and used for transfusions or made into medications by a process called by fractionation. 

 After the blood donor program continued with the entertainment program and the distribution of door prizes, in this session our chief Dr. Machli Riyadi and structural officials of Health Office Regional Banjarmasin following to sing along with audiences of The Winners.

Followed by the distribution of door prizes that bring the grand prize a motorbike that is sponsored by BANK KALSEL has been annouced into one of The Winners family members.

So are you ready to continue on a part of The Winners family on The Night of HKN 55 Golden Tulip Galaxy November 12, 2019 ?
Throughout the event, a series of workshops and dialogues were held on variety of topics. Sustainable activity consumption on togetherness of HKN 55 Generasi Sehat Indonesia Unggul was a popular main theme of HKN 55 and prompted a discussion of healthy lifestyle can be one of solution for citizens in Banjarmasin city that will be inspiring to whole Indonesia and worldwide that is committed to achieving goals of being part of The Winners to help and build a better universal future.

Salam Sehat.
Salam The Winners.

 DBnews2019/ Enni Rizqa