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Handwashing with Soap, CTPS, A Simple Healthy Lifestyle for Banjarmasin city

IBNU SINA and dr. Hj. Siti Wasillah, M. Sc, M. Med do handwashing together with Regional Health Office Banjarmasin (DBnewsphoto) Banjar...

IBNU SINA and dr. Hj. Siti Wasillah, M. Sc, M. Med do handwashing together with Regional Health Office Banjarmasin (DBnewsphoto)
Banjarmasin (22/11) Banjarmasin City PKK Cadre Jambore 2019, Regional Health Office Banjarmasin participated in enlivening the series of events, namely the Banjarmasin City Hand Washing Campaign (CTPS) 2019. The event was held in the Banjarmasin City Government Office and was attended by the Mayor of Banjarmasin, Mr. Ibnu Sina and his wife, Mrs. dr. Hj. Siti Wasillah, M.Sc, M. Med.

IBNU SINA & dr. Hj. Siti Wasillah, M. Sc., M. Med and SD Teluk Dalam 1 for CTPS Campaign (DBnewsphoto)

It was first raised, in 2008, by the Public-Private Partnership of Handwashing (PPPHW) as the Global Handwashing Day, on every October 15th, this activity aim to protect citizenship in Banjarmasin from diarrheal and respiratory diseases, also prevent the spread of infectious diseases. According to Indonesian Ministry of Health, 2010, CTPS, has been proven scientifically effective in preventing diarrhea and ISPA which have been the cause of child mortality in Indonesia. CTPS behavior is proven to be an effective way for preventive health efforts. Germs in hands, as a result if we are not doing Handwashing with Soap - CTPS will be transferred to objects that we touch, such as door handles, work tables, items that are shared and also handshakes. Other people who are clean will be contaminated with germs when they come in contact with anything that has been exposed to germs.
That's the story, germs move from place to place due to lack of concern for the habit of Handwashing with soap - CTPS, especially adults. CPTS also is one of the most effective ways to prevent at least 10 diseases such as diarrhea, airway problems, dysentery, skin irritation, prickly heat, sore throat, red eyes, zits, body odor and typhus.
Braining awareness of the importance of health can not be done instantly. Continuous and continuous efforts are needed. In this case, one of the efforts to raise awareness of the importance of health is through the CTPS campaign from Health Regional Office Banjarmasin and citizenship in Banjarmasin city.

DBnews2019/ Enni Rizqa